More Samples!

Pretty much a repeat of the last post I made.
P&G have new samples added once again. Go here, sign up or login and answer their quick survey on what products you already use (answering store brand usually gets you more samples), then choose the samples they offer you! Usually takes a good month or 2 to get them. There are usually some good coupons in there, too.

The P&G/Costco site has new samples as well, you can find them here. Same deal as the other one, but you have to have a costco membership.

New P&G Coupons and Samples

Hello all. Long time no see :)

P&G (Procter and Gamble) has a great coupon site. As well as sending out coupon flyers every few months, the coupons are also available online. Last Saturdays paper had the P&G Brandsaver, so that means the site has new coupons, too! Go stock up!

P&G also has a brand sampler site, every few months you can get some great samples in the mail from shampoos to razors, dish soaps, pet food etc. Register and answer a survey about what products you use and from that they will give you a list of samples that are available to you. Go there NOW because they run out fast!

Also, if you're a costco memeber, you can get even MORE samples here from P&G brand sampler. You need to register again and put in your costco memebership number. Again, they run out fast, so go quick :)

Happy Savings!!!

London Drugs Trip!

I've got a TON of coupons expiring today (way to leave it til the last minute), so I'm going to be making a trip to london drugs to stock up on a bunch of free, or nearly free items.

I just spent the last couple hours sorting out my coupons by item, then going through flyers to find the best prices (remember... london drugs price matches!).

Once I got all the coupons into groups, I taped them together with a little note saying how much all the coupons are worth together, and where I am price matching and for what price. This saves a LOT of time at the checkout. Also note that to do price matches at LD, you have to have your items rung up at customer service, not at the regular checkouts.
I took out the pages from the flyers I needed and circled the items I am price matching. Make sure that when you do this that at least one page of the flyer you're taking has the flyer dates on it, which is usually the first page.
I then organized the groups of coupons by which isle they're in, and sorted them to match my list. eg: Purex & windex are the first on my list, so they're on top of the coupon pile. Hair dye is last, so it's on the bottom. Again, saves you time :)

Here is my list for today, and an example of the coupon stacks

1x purex laundry soap - PM shoppers $3.99 BOGO
2x windex triggers - PM shoppers $2.99 - BOGO
x2 magic erasers
x1 quantum 20s - PM Zellers $4.99
1x cascade action pacs
x2 dawn products
1x arm and hammer laundry soap - PM walmart $2.97
x2 scrubbing bubbles bathroom trigger - PM safeway 2/$5
1x SB BATHroom cleaner aerosol (free)
2x fantastik triggers - PM safeway $2/$5
x2 bounty or charmin
1x gillette fusion razor (proglide) - PM shoppers - $11.49
2x Venus embrace razor - PM shoppers - $11.49
1x satin care shave gel 198 g and above
2x crest for me toothpaste - PM zellers -$1.99
1x crest pro-health for me - PM shoppers $2.99
1x oral-b pro-health for me manual brush
1x secret fresh effects - PM Shoppers $4.49
3x nice and easy hair dye - PM walmart $5.96
1x covergirl simply ageless foundation
1x covergirl product - PM rexall $5.99

Click pic to embiggen :D

Reminder :D

Watch this Saturday's paper (Friday if you don't get one on saturday) because there will be a smartsource coupon flyer in there. I haven't got a list yet of what is in it, so it'll have to be a surprise. The last one was pretty good, had a lot of dishwasher stuff, other soaps etc.

Also, wanted to let you know that some dollar stores have little coupon file folders. They're great for organization, and are nice and small so they can fit anywhere. I found mine at Dollarama, and have seen them at EFADS as well. I'll get into organization more later :D

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More ziplocs :)

Went back to walmart and got 6 more boxes of ziploc bags. After taxes, it's actually 32 cents given to me per box that I take. Gotta love that.

The cashier knew of the new policy, which is great. She told me that "some coupon crazy lady" buys things with coupons like crazy, then RETURNS the product without the receipt, getting a full refund back on a store gift card. Plus she got whatever overage was paid to her after using coupons.

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater!

While legal, this pretty much IS stealing. Please don't do this! Stores are going to get *really* picky about coupon usage if this keeps happening.

And PLEASE don't be nasty to the cashiers. You're going to get a lot better service if you're polite. Many stores have stopped giving overages, stopped taking printed coupons, and stopped stacking coupons because people have either abused the system or got nasty about something.

Happy Couponing :D

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Check THIS out!

Before I went to walmart, I looked online and found their coupon policy. Turns out, if the amount of the coupon exceeds the value of the product, you get that amount back in cash. *so excited!*
So I went and relieved them of 18 boxes of ziploc bags (all they had), and ended up with $6.16 back in cash!

I'm going to go back on Wednesday and Thursday and hopefully get more :)

Click the pictures to embiggen :)

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Free Ziplocs!!!

Walmart has Ziploc "evolve" sandwich bags (50 pack) on sale for $1.48 this week. That's already a great deal. But when you use the "buy 2 save $4" coupon that I found online, you'll get them for FREE (minus taxes). The cashier should ring the coupon in at $2.96 (the price of 2 boxes), as you are not allowed to get money back on coupons/exceed the price of the product.

So let's say you get only 2 boxes. The tax on $2.98 (in BC) is $0.36 - so you're only paying 18 CENTS per box! *SCORE*

I happen to know that London Drugs, and obviously walmart carry these. They are a new product, so you might not be able to find them everywhere. I already checked Superstore and Canadian Tire, and they don't carry it. I'll be checking Zellers as well.

REMEMBER - If you're going to buy them anywhere other than Walmart, make sure you bring the flyer so you can price match it!

You can find the coupon (among others) here. You will need to register first.

I'll post a brag when I get home with my haul :) 

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